This is a list of people you see in front of the cameras who made it happen on Beat the Clock.


Era Host
1950-1961 Bud Collyer
1969-1974 Jack Narz
Gene Wood
1979-1980 Monty Hall
2002-2003 Gary Kroeger
2006 (GSM) Ricki Lake


Era Hostess/Model
1950-1961 Roxanne
Beverly Bentley
1969-1974 Gail Sheldon
1979-1980 Cindee Appleton
Lisa Parkes
Autumn Hargis
2002-2003 Tina Willie
Julielinh Parker
2006 (GSM)


Era Announcer
1950-1961 Bern Bennett
Dirk Fredericks
1969-1974 Gene Wood
Nick Holenreich
1979-1980 Jack Narz
2002-2003 unknown
2006 (GSM) Rich Fields

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